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HEAAL Coalition staff and volunteers coordinate facilitated instruction and training that include:


Youth related Marijuana and Alcohol Prevention Education

(video links to YouTube)


Prescription (Rx) Drugs


Trauma Informed Care


Suicide Awareness and Prevention

  • Increase awareness of suicide and available community mental health prevention and treatment services among African American individuals and families in Maricopa County.

  • Suicide Awareness and Prevention offers workshops, seminars, and community forums that enrich and empower our community.


Community Forums

  • Semi-annual discussions with the community at large on behavioral and physical health issues.




 Learning Library

This is an educational and informational series hosted by the HEAAL Coaliton to educate on community affairs. HEAAL Coalition envisions a population that stands apart as an icon of positive change and life enrichment,

Fall Community Forum: September 24th 2020: